The Tavern - Open 24/7





looks tasty and delicious


Tried several new drinks last night (some friends invited me over for dinner). The most noteworthy ones were parma violet gin, which is the single most revolting thing I’ve drank (possibly second to milk), and cinnamon coke. The coke was really weird, like drinking a cinnamon bun.


I can say my tummy is very happy tonight (no, I didn’t eat all 4 of them)





You know, I’d be jealous if I wasn’t sick and couldn’t taste sh*t. :joy: . That looks like a really impractical burger to eat.


It was, but delicious and so worth it.


I could do with a burger about now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Eating KFC




These are from yesterday (I’m sorry guys)


Making latkes


Today I was so bloody tired that I got desperate and drank 1L of Lucozade and 0.5L of Monster as well as my usual morning coffee. The worst part? They had no effect, I basically posisoned myself for nothing. :joy:





Came home to a massive parcel from my parents with a gazillion of Xmas cookies