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How can you tell what they are? Even with the spoiler blur removed, the pic is still totally blurred.


I don’t know why,but for a moment earlier I can see the pic,now it keeps being blurred… I’m sorry I don’t have a screenshot… :confused:


It finally let me open the image in a new tab (it wasn’t letting me before). It’s not that bad, I’d have them. Though, I don’t see them being bats, the things in the back of shot look like wings, but the heads of the things in the plate don’t look like bats’ heads. Maybe I’m wrong though. What are they, @gatsie?


Well, there are various species of bats… :thinking:


My mom’s cheesecake



Cheers :clinking_glasses: @anngelenee



Cheers! :smile::clinking_glasses: Have fun on new year’s eve! :tada:

Edit: Making salad


We have a tradition in Greece for New Year’s, there’s a special cake that you cut right after midnight ghat has a lucky charm in it and it’s good for whoever gets it for the year. Obviously I am no chef and the cake is usually round but I baked this to take with me tonight (lucky charm and all inside)


We have a similar thing for xmas, where you stick a coin in it (I don’t know what to call it but it’s made of dough), the person who gets the coin gets ‘luck’ for the next year. For new years my mum makes mini pastries that are essentially like fortune cookies.


Three liters of christmas beer with friends. :grin:




Food from this evening


I’m mexico, there’s a similar tradition where they do a ring of bread for three wise mens’ day :thinking: and there’s a little doll inside the bread, whoever gets the slice with the doll has to pay the food for a get together that happens on feb 2nd :grimacing:


Lol. So you lose when you get it? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around with these things? :joy:


Mexicans are very pessimistic :thinking::joy:

No winning and no complimenting each other :roll_eyes: haha


Birthday cake


Birthday cakes




I miss phoooooo :sob:
Except I made the mistake the first time of getting one that had eeeeeeverything :zipper_mouth_face: baby octopus and squid and all kinds of stuff was popping out :cold_sweat:


Yum. :yum: