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Not sure if I’ve asked but have you tried with yogurt? :thinking:


With milk!! :yum: :drooling_face:


No, the whole point of having it dry is because I hate both milk and soggy cereal. Plain yogurt on it’s own is great though.



Raw zucchini pasta


Oven dish with melted cheese on top and pastas. A bit of salad. Glass of white wine.


Probably got 10kilos in two days :joy: but it was worth it.


Buckwheat with tomatoes soy stripes and sprouts


I wonder what Mesquite sauce tastes like:




My lunch earlier


:rofl::see_no_evil: I’m sorry but everytime I hear buckwheat I think of white chicks and crack up :see_no_evil::joy:


Oh :joy::joy::joy: that’s totally normal :joy::joy::+1:t4:


Chocolate :relieved::grin:




Great breakfast in Amsterdam.
Thank’s again for the good spot @OneMoreLight2017!


I will second that! Amazing coffee too!


Baked beans