The Unity of Us Discussion


Ok so we are still mid-way through writing a song
But just interested on where we all stand in this writing exercise and what are we feeling with this etc etc
Just feel like it has ran it’s course (alot sooner then I had hoped)

Or are we all still interested in this writing exercise and need ideas on how we can make it better!?!

Open to ideas

The Band


I’d like to continue, but maybe we’ve done a bit too many is a short time span.


I want us to at least finish the latest installment

I am all up for us to take a break but we need to be vocal about it

If we don’t know we can’t help


Yeah I’d love to continue too! Not sure why it stopped halfway


I know I’m always slow at writing my lines (always need more time to pick up right words and read the ready part more times to get deeper into it’s course) BUT

the game didn’t stop. I’m in for it with both hands.
@theearlywalker just can’t finish her lines for the moment, as I understand. Also, this forum got at least 30% less active as Pat left.

I just keep hoping, she’s ok and will come back soon.


see now i feel bad because i didnt know something was up


I didn’t know either, she’s been silent on WA too.


I didn’t know either. I hope all is well with @theearlywalker


im still in i hope even if im on leave


We are taking a break cause we are banging out lyrics at a rate that is pretty impressive we all need to recharge from time to time

Im gonna give it a few months and then I think we can proceed to the next album Æon


Any news on @theearlywalker yet
just wanna make sure they are ok


Nope, she’s been completely silent. Don’t think she’s coming back any time soon.




@theearlywalker replied my email. Apparently she is is pissed with absolutely everybody (that includes Linkin Park). She is pissed about the new album, and that was the last straw.


When isn’t she?


apparently you talk a lot of shit @samuel_the_leader- I have not answered your email- and I blocked you - no need to go on with this shit!

I am off forum- not because I am mad or angry- it is just my decision to go on other ways- and as I always said guys:

Tolerance and Respect please!

@the_termin8r stopp kicking!


There was a very long time delay of a few days between receiving your email and replying here. I haven’t sent an email since.

Speaking of blocks, the meme is still blocked, for obvious reasons:


She blocked you for obvious reasons to. :3


She dislikes you too.


its ashame @theearlywalker that you have/are parting ways from the Forum :frowning:
Gonna miss you :frowning: