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Voting call for

Polls closing tomorrow 6pm GST


Yea… sry for late. Done :blush:


Done :slight_smile: thank you @theearlywalker


Ohhhh it’s a tie haha


Lol yeah- but still three more votes - one of them is @NickGr - this is exciting :star_struck:


ahem? i’ve voted sis


Lol :joy:- ok… :see_no_evil:… two to go :grin:


Who we waiting on?


Gatsie and Jasper… @acemasters


@gatsie @NoireXJasper


Did my duty…


Haha you said doodie lmao


We could end up with a 3 way tie…


So what do you think- how long shall we wait until we go on? And we set a new poll then, right? Between the tie breaker, right?!


No @theearlywalker get those who voted for other titles to revote between the tie break

How long you leave it is up to you!


Ok- I dm Jaspy @NoireXJasper on discord now- as a last call- his voting decided the last time too lol,

But - as for the poll: I set up a new poll for the tie breakers then. The existing one is a one choice only.


Tie break time- Jaspy told me he is too busy to make it this round- so we just go on- here’s the tie break poll- and… as I am „spearheading“ this- my rule is: everybody is allowed to vote again :tada:- but- to set a borderline ( nice words play :joy:) you have to vote until Saturday- 10th of February!

And here we go guys:

  • Vultures nu metal
  • The sky is down on me rap/hip hop fm-style

0 voters



@NoireXJasper read post above


tie again 50/50 @theearlywalker :joy:


Hahaha - you didn’t voted for your own song?? :grimacing: