The Unity of Us, Nominations and Discussions


So when does the next round of nominations start?


We have to do Jabins song first @jabinquaken, we did Nicks because he was busy, right @acemasters


Hello! Thanks for tagging :slight_smile:
I’ll come up with the schedule till the end of this week))


I agree @theearlywalker
@jabinquaken whenever you are ready!


So The Sky Is Down On Us was a great success and for me personally our best by far

So what next…

Well we can either A do a new round of nominations
Or B we could take one of my unfinished works and work around that
Or C, if anyone has a song in mind they want to bang out

Also got a couple of things coming up

  1. Battle of the Songs will be making a come back as the next league is ready to launch
    (B.O.T.S: One More Light League)
    Information to follow in due course

  2. I am planning a live youtube screening of a listening party, just need to figure out how to intergrate videos into my live feed and will give details on that as soon as they come to light!

The Band



I’d prefer to go for another nomination round as usual.


Me too.

Looking forward to BOTS!


I am open for everything- :grinning: and this listening party thing sounds really interesting- :heart_eyes: and the oml bots is going to be great. I‘m sure you do the league with both, oml and omll?! :tada: looking forward and happy to hear ya this creative Ace :blush:


I am fine with any of them too! I know the OML version of BOTS will be insanely challenging!


It will be pretty easy for me. SFN and OML are the only songs I really like from the album.


I’m fine about anything lol


The OML League will be based on the studio album and not live versions of the songs

There will be a surprice twist when the league is launched


I’m ok with any of these as well. Looking forward to writing with you again :slightly_smiling_face: about the league is it ok for me to join it too? And can’t wait for the live screening, it sounds great!


The league is for EVERYONE as long as the rules are followed


Alrightyyyy I’d go for new title cause as per my opinion it’s a bit boring to go and work on the old one again… depends on title tho but still … so let’s start we brand new topic or whatever people say… i am fine with everything!! :smiley::smiley::kissing_heart::heart_eyes::hugs::hugs::hugs:

Oh yes!!! Listening party would be awesome!!! :grinning:



What’s the next course of action?


Hmm… let’s ask… @acemasters :slightly_smiling_face:


You don’t need me to sort the next project anyone can, that is the beauty of T.U.O.U just tag me in the next project


Right, well then, lets start the next nomination round then. You guys know the drill, except this time, tag me in the reply.

My nomination:

Necromonger - Pop (very generic tune, serious message)


my nomination
Night furies - alternative rock