The Unity of Us, Nominations and Discussions


Alright let’s get this into motion again :smiley:

Resuming the Battle - hard rock


Good Day To You - Altnernative


@Honey8 thought your nomination said Night Fairies :joy::joy::joy:

Crazy Ideas - Rap/Rock


Back to childhood?! :joy::joy: Lol!


@the_termin8r you forgot to tag everyone…




Division - Rap/Rock @the_termin8r


Forsaken - metal @the_termin8r


infinite insane madness - punk new metall crossover


Not until now - ballad


I know what’s getting my vote :grin:


Whens the poll going up?!?


I’ll give @NoireXJasper and @jabinquaken until 1600 BST, then I’ll post it.


Sry for the loooooooooooong inactivity.

Diffusion - Metal


Welcome back :smile:


I am not in the vote. My song won last time, so get to it @the_termin8r


Sorry about the delay, I forgot. :sweat_smile:

Here it is you know the drill by now…

  • Necromonger - Pop (very generic tune, serious message)
  • Night Furies - Alternative Rock
  • Resuming The Battle - Hard Rock
  • Good Day To You - Alternative
  • Crazy Ideas - Rap / Rock
  • Division - Rap / Rock
  • Forsaken - Metal
  • Infinite Insane Madness - Punk / Nu-Metal Crossover
  • Not Until Now - Ballad
  • Diffusion - Metal

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Looks like @rickvanmeijel has won. You know what to do next.


Awesome, I’ll try to make an outlining tonight or else tomorrow :slight_smile:


Sorry didn’t get a notification of the tag for the voting! I would have voted for Rick’s anyway, so all’s good :grinning: