The Unity of Us, Nominations and Discussions


Not gonna have time tonight. If I forget tomorrow, feel free to remind me :sweat_smile:


Told ya I’d forget, apparently everyone else did as well lol. I’ll do this tomorrow I promise :smile:


I didn’t forget
Just didn’t remember


Not remembering is the exact definition of forgetting. :stuck_out_tongue:


Time for nominations

Discrimination - Rap/Rock

The Band
@rickvanmeijel (because your song won last please do not nominate, but don’t forget to vote)


@GioS read the above post


Lullaby for a masochist - Korn style metal.



Paralyzed - rap/rock.


A Century of Solitude - alternative (yes, I’ve been reading one hundred years of solitude lately lol)


Despair -Rock @acemasters


Desires- rap-rock

and maybe ewveryone busy during the next days should say it here before the song is planned?!


Poll to go up later


Horse Head - punk rock (Green Day style)
forgot to tag @acemasters


You know the rules, don’t vote for your own nomination

You have until tomorroe to vote as the poll will close automatically

  • Discrimination
  • Lullaby of a Masochist
  • Paralyzed
  • A Century of Solitude
  • Despair
  • Desires
  • Horse Head

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The Band


@GioS read the above post


My one is supposed to be Lullaby for a masochist, not of. :stuck_out_tongue:


Same difference :joy::blush::joy::blush:


I like both versions too :laughing:


Done!! ,:smiley: I saw the best titles this time i guess… i loved them!


Your nomination won

I have a request, if I may
Dependant of how many lines you give
I would like the first line/s and last line/s as I am going on holiday for a week from next monday