The Unity of Us, Nominations and Discussions


Sure :slight_smile:
In a few mins it will be ready


We have a request for a new member to join our circle

Whats everyones thoughts?

Mine is we have already 11 members, yes I believe we should have a even amount of members
However, I think we have enough members for now!
If we agree on letting another join, it must be the last person, in my opinion, unless we lose member

The Band


@GioS read the above post


I’m cool with it. Or you could drop me, lately I’ve been struggling to think of lines and song titles anyway.


It’s okay with me! Whatever you feel is the best for the team :blush:


Is that what you want @the_termin8r
I mean after this song I could drop you and allow the new person to take your place

Just know that if you decide that, the door to the unity of us will always be open for you


I’m fine to stay on, I’m just saying that if you want to drop a member to let a new person in, drop me. I can stay on if you rather I did.


I’m fine with that


Have a great vacation and I probably missed it- but before I can say wether I’m ok with it I’d like to know who the person is… @acemasters


It’s @liqs .


Oh ok- but I don’t want you to leave :cry:… I guess that we can find another way of handling…

I think we have one member of the band at least who is way too busy and lately almost not here on forums- also not nominating and barley making his lines under a week or several reminders- I’ll tag him now here- to give him the option to take position- - @NoireXJasper - do you still like to participate in the Unity projects?


This is new, people don’t usually cry over me. :joy: :joy: :joy:


I don’t want you to leave bro… yoi are a regualr member in here…

Let’s see what @NoireXJasper replies… if he wants to stay then i leave. You can let @liqs (the one with amazing profile pic :heart_eyes:) to the band… i have bo probs :blush:

But please do continue to tag me once in the thread I’d like to read the song :laughing::smiley: :two_hearts:


@the_termin8r get used to it :stuck_out_tongue:

@Honey8 You stay- you are awesome and intressted- Jaspy is awesome too but either too busy or not really up to lpu and the project atm- that’s my opinion


I can say the same :blush:

Ohkay! As you say your highness! :raised_hands:



I agree, I think if anyone should be dropped it should be the least active member

With that being said, i think 12 members has to be our max


Well guys @NoireXJasper has been here way longer than I have, so I’d rather be the one out to let someone else in, if needed, since I’m the newest member and I usually take a couple of days to write my lines as well, whatever you guys think is better for the band.


I love the spirit that so many bandmembers are offering their spot to let someone new in! :heart_eyes: that’s the amazing way of how we soldiers are- I mean where do you find so much caring elsewhere??

@GioS we all need our time to make our lines, and there is no need to be sorry for that, no worries :wink:

@acemasters agree boss :blush:


Bit off topic has everyone seen my new song Words in my completed topic

The Band


Lemme check it now…