The Unity of Us, Nominations and Discussions


You have a new song I would love to read it


Its in my Completed Works topic @StephLP18


Thanks ace checking it out now


Just did :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m fine with whatever you guys feel is right

What about the rotation system that we spoke about a while ago? Where someone gets replaced for each song?

@the_termin8r yes, you better get used to it! We are all fond of you


You dont have to like restructure your entire thing, if your full its okay with me :blush:


We will make it work


… we don’t need you - that’s right Ace- but we want you to lead us ( I at least do) because I appreciate the clear way you are handling things about the band… or are you too busy?? That’s another case then… @acemasters


Not at all, just dont want people to think im “dictating” the band and stuff you know
I know it was my idea but its not my band its our band

I will do it tomorrow


Alright and I don’t feel you dictating us… you give orientation and that’s only good :+1:t2:


My nomination is: Chicken Fueled Rampage
Genre: Joke



My nomination is
Cheese and Crackers
Genre: Joke


I think we should ALL nominate a Joke song


@rickvanmeijel, @jabinquaken and I planned to nominate jokes a couple of weeks ago.


Flanel skin
Shinoda style



Genre: joke



Dis gonna be gooood :smile:

Stinking Paws (joke song)


The Tralala ( fun song)


@theearlywalker checkout the Captain Underpants movie end credits song :joy::joy::joy:


that’s worth a share here :joy::joy: thanx for telling- it made me laugh so hard :rofl: