The Unity of Us, Nominations and Discussions


Check @acemasters

I think we’re bit too busy sometimes. These projects just take a while to start and finish


Oh I agree @rickvanmeijel just would be good to know where we stand with this


I really appreciate you guys letting me be part of this, it’s been a great honor writing with you but I don’t think I can contribute as much as I would like to right now, so I should leave the project. Keep writing beautifully as you all do and sharing it with us :slight_smile: See you.


Hi guys!
Sorry for being absent. Too overloaded with work recently.
I will make a post till the end of this week.


Still in, even though i’ve got the stuff to study @acemasters


Ok someone new got added and this wasn’t discussed, not too bothered, but just feel that it should of been discussed and something we should all agree on


guys just to let you know im getting back officially in november
i dont want to create any confusions thats why
right now im just kicking the ass of those mthfckig exams they are the final ones ending in the end of october
so thats it thank you :grinning::blush:


Yeah, I agree- and how many feedbacks from the memberd do we have until now @acemasters? I must confess that I’m a bit lost, and that’s not nice, since I love TUOU … I cannot give a vote for ppl joining or not if I don’t know how many we are atm :upside_down_face:


Guys, I’m giving @alz89 my spot in the band since she wants to join and I’ll be buried in uni work. I’ll still take part in nominations since I pretty much never win (and if I do, I can set up a song without myself), but won’t be writing in the songs.


How long you think you’ll be out for?!?


No idea, I have a hell of a lot of things to do this year, though I should be free-er during the holidays. But if you have a shortage of people, tag me in and I’ll try to contribute within a reasonable time.


Fair enough


Our last song was great again. Normally it would be nominations phase now, but we are in a kinda reorganization process atm. Who is still in the band- who will enter and who wants to leave… means we have to make decisions for the next months process of the band.

I tag you all who were part in the original band to see now finally how we will go on with TUOU. The new members who joined for the last song or soldiers who wanna contribute in the writing process of TUOU, please vote too!

We had a limit of 10 bandmembers- if I recall it right. I set up a poll for the better overview:

  • I am a member and I stay reliable in the band
  • I am a member and I leave the band
  • I want to enter the band

0 voters

About the number of members

  • 10 members maximum
  • Up to 12 members
  • Up to 15 members

0 voters

The poll will be open until next Thursday 20:00 CET . Alright guys… good voting :sunny:

The Band

@the_termin8r (to keep you in touch :blush:)


I’m leaving temporarily, but sticking around for nominations, I can afford to set up a song if I win.


@alz89 ( spot of Rob )
@reishtany (you say you want to rejoin)
@Marilau ( you were added by Jabin for the last song)
Please read post above


Happy to hear this, you definitely stay in the taglist :v:t2:


Actually, can you ditch me from the tag list? It’s one less notification to keep track of, I read posts anyway.


That hurts :disappointed: but if you want it to happen- sure thing …


I never wanted to be in the tag lists, I just seem to keep appearing in them. lol


Does that include B.o.t.S @the_termin8r