The Unity of Us, Nominations and Discussions


I actually considered myself a member just because I took part in the last post :laughing: so I still want to be this way :smirk:

@the_termin8r we will miss you… an irish blessing for you


@the_termin8r are you going somewhere for somendays? Like i did in stone age for a week ?


I’m still playing BOTS.

Busy with uni.


Tossed my name in there but tentatively, prioritize others if there’s room for them :grin:


Nice reorganisation, we’ll finally have a clear member list haha


Alrightyyyy! Good luck! :smiley:


Yasss for sure


Polls are closed by now- as we can see we have 13 people in total who voted and 12 who wanna actually go for the next stint with the TUOU. Since we all agreed that 12 peeps in the band are ok, we’re happy and proud to welcome @alz89, @Marilau, @ironsoldier16 and last but not least @framos1792 as new bandmembers :tada::tada::clap:t2:

I gonna create a new taglist in the next post. And here are our normal routine rules:

  • we start with a nomination- every bandmember can - don’t has to - name a title for a song and it’s genre.
  • one of us is creating a poll then
  • everybody votes for the song he likes most and it’s forbidden to vote for the own song
  • the winner sets up a new topic ( mostly in the barracks category) and the op is the song scheme and he tags the beginner that he choses for the first line
  • and so does he after he wrote his line
  • please do not discuss or comment in the song thread- for discussion and everything else we have this thread here

And now I’m feeling happy to announce: :confetti_ball: It’s nomination time again guys- we move on… :tada: :heart_eyes: let’s be creative :tada::sunny: with the new formation of The Unity Of Us :tada::tada:


read post above - and nominate :smiley: :tada:

my song: The Chaos Within
genre: crossover nu metal - punk


I don’t want to cut ties entirely (I’m just not taking part in songs), so here’s my nomination.

Title: 4d616368696e65
Genre: Industrial metal

The title is hexadecimal for ‘machine’.


Awwwww how niiiice you nominate :heart_eyes:- and since I know how much you dislike emotional outbreaks this part of the post is blurred :joy::joy: that’s cool… I‘m going for it … :))))


Good job with the post @theearlywalker :blush::blush::blush::blush:

My nom: Unbreakable - Rock


Let’s do this team

My nomination: On Our Way (alternative rock)


Awww :heart_eyes:Thank you boss :blush:


My nomination:
Title: Empty
Genre: Ballad


Name : Diamonds
Genre : alternative rock

Thank you @theearlywalker for tagging. Please do not include me in the lines. I am not here till 17 or 20th. Next 4 mths are most busiest with 3 pre exams and finals. :heartpulse:
Thank you :kissing_heart: miss everyone around here. Wish i had more time to roam around here but i need at least 4 hr sleep lol


Good luck with those exams!


Your exams are far more important @Honey8 :blush:


Yay :smile:
I don’t want to nominate anything, just chose what others propose

@Honey8 Good luck angel :heart: We’re by your side


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:! Thank you my pretty lovely angels!!! Yesterday jabin made my dayyy by liking the sketch . I am sooo blessed to have your wishes in such an early part of the day!! It’s just started lol gonna be 4am in a while :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::heart_eyes:
Thank you soooo! Much! Every single day i embrace the day when i joined here!!! Thank you for the support :heartpulse: