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5 days till I’ve seen the nomination… I dunno if I’m able to participate - next week physics, anatomy and Latin colloquiums (I haven’t passed physics on the first time because the teacher said something like “go fuck yourself, 10+0 isn’t 10. Wtf)


No it’s 100 lmao :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I think so lol

My nomination is
Formaline - dark electro or industrial

  • Formaline - dark electro or industrial
  • Diamonds - Alt. Rock
  • Empty - Ballad
  • On Our Way - Alt.Rock
  • Unbreakable - Rock
  • 4d616368696e65 - Industrial Rock
  • The Chaos Within - Punk/Nu-Metal Crossover

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The Band





Thanx for the poll Ace @acemasters :blush:




I copied and pasted it from the post lol


Not well enough it seems. My genre is industrial metal, not industrial rock, far heavier. :stuck_out_tongue:


…bite me… lol


Sorry for late…but i voted


When do we get to see who won?


I say give it 2 days



You win this one


Wow! I did not expect it! So many great ones. I will make a post later today!


:tada::tada: Yaay finally- grats dear - looking forward to your concept!! :heart_eyes::heart:


I need to know my target market, all of my dark titles don’t seem to get the votes. :joy:


Seems like you need to apply a new strategy :wink:


Actually I’m out of dark titles for now. I’ve still got a back log of 4 - 5 titles.


After the current one, how many songs will we have for Æon?