The Unity of Us, Nominations and Discussions


I forgot all about Æon

Erm will need to back track to put the album together


Awww - found the album today and I’m really impressed about our work- it’s really good guys :champagne:


Right something has been bought up in the new song Empty
On how the songs seem about darkness/void or something within that bracket and I agree that the majority of the songs have such direction and we must do what we can to shake it up

I get that its probably easier to write these kind of songs then something more positive but we are ALL capable of turning it around and changing it up
Not saying we cant write those kind of songs just not all the time

How do we feel about this?

Please tag anyone i have missed?

The Band



Hey yo @acemasters - must confess I couldn’t follow the last days but gonna check the song quickly… I check the taglist too -

@IronSoldier16 - please read Aces post above

Edit: I read it- I think it’s a good point in the song that it can grow up to sth positive- the feeling in the heart can be everything of good emotion you can imagine… @framos1792 since it’s you who is going on- maybe you mark the changing point of the song?!

On the other hand, if it flows on like this it’s time to announce a fun-round with the next nomination maybe?! If I remember right, lemons boobs was the last fun one :joy:

Empty- The Unity of Us

First I think we should finish Empty, then we can discuss what theme to do next. Though I agree that we have done too many darkness themed songs lately.

Good idea, makes for a nice change up after a more serious song


I don’t have any problem with that.


Yeah! That’s fine with me! Flannel skin was awesome :joy:

And maybe it might be a good idea to maybe give a bit of background to the song before we go on to write it? So for example give the title and a little bit about what it is thought to be about.


I agree, so we can more easily decide whether we wanna write about it or not


I think it would be kind of hard to try to change the theme of empty at this point considering it is started but absolutely agree that the winning nomination should then give a background as to the direction which we should take the song into :smiley: