The Unity of Us, Nominations and Discussions


Ask him :joy: @rickvanmeijel


It’s a 1 atom thin layer of graphite essentially (graphite just being carbon of course), with some pretty insane physical, electrical and thermal properties.


It’s a Pokemon :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I don’t do pokemon.


Pika-pi! Pikachu! :joy:


I vote for Gaston :joy:


@jabinquaken and @Honey8 last chance to vote - polls closing Friday …


Just know if the Gaston song wins i’m not taking part

As a parent that has seen Beauty and the Beast more times then I care to count and am not familiar with the inside joke of Gaston it just wouldnt feel right to take part in this song if it wins but wanna be tagged at the end to see it in all of its glory


The Gaston joke is born of spam.


See what Gaston is doing guys, it’s tearing apart our writing team :joy:


Ok- time for a bit of an explanation since it’s the Unity of us and not the Splits of us…

It wasn’t supposed to be a Gaston-song first line- it all began at the plug-dj new years ev meet, the rcs-extension for plug contains an option where the suffix “in the ass” is added automatically to every chat massage … gives absolutely funny new meanings to random talk in the chat… :joy: so we ended up laughing our asses off. It was the time when we were discussing the darkness in our songs inhere - so the idea of making a fun “in the ass”- song was born- I really have no idea how Gaston managed to get into this… - and I’m really sorry if it appears strange or as an insider.

The whole story about Gaston was that back in 2017 the break of the WA-messanger for our group was initially started with Gaston-spam- and honestly I hated it… every d*** G. joke…, but if you feel like making a pause for this song @acemasters - then it’s absolutely ok, just I feel a bit sorry for this :cry:


I dont mind sitting this one out :grin::grin::grin:


I knew when to bail out. LMAO :joy:




:smiling_imp: lets see who wins muahaha…

so uhh…out of curiosity… gaston spam caused a wa group to split? :scream:


Its a tie…



It’s down to you 6 to decide which one wins

Delicious Pancakes
In The Ass feat Gaston


@rickvanmeijel your song won :tada::tada: go and give it to us :+1:t2::grin:


Oh wow didn’t expect this lol! I’ll get to work asap


Hey guys I’ll do my lines tomorrow lunch as I’m crashing out tonight. Sorry.