The Unity of Us - The Next Project


Hello my fellow writers, so the holidays are over and I feel it’s time for the next project

There is also a important matter to talk to you about

It has come to my attention in all the previous songs we have wrote the amount of post we go through before the finished product is overwhelming (not sure if i spelt that right)

So here is what i propose!

I am going to create a brand new gmail account just for this, if i can get all of the bands email addresses and we can discuss everything from the next project to the song name to the theme etc etc etc

And then the final product will get posted here!

What does everybody else think?

With that being said since my project was choosen last time (before the holidays) I am not going to choose a theme or style but I will be adding my lines in whichever order i fall in

The Band



I think it’s a bit redundant to start emailing each other. We could just delete the writing thread when we’re done with a song.


Was think a group email thing…

But yeah just an idea


Delete? Only moderators can do that, afaik?


We can also start up a group in social networks or messagers. I like the gmail idea(btw do you need gmail account or any other email is fine?)


Other email addy is fine i tend to us gmail

I just think instead of clogging up the post with this and that we can either just post the lines for the song or the final product


I like the idea of social network messenger


That’s what I was thinking. I personally don’t want to use my official email for this which would mean using my old decoy account which means having a 3rd email account to have to check regularly. I think it’s a bit unnecessary considering we have the album thread too where the final songs go anyway.

Also my song idea is “Shattered Unity” in an OMAM metalcore sort of style.


guys?again… we can use wikifunktion easily on this…


I never fully understood the wiki funcation on the forum to be honest


Anyways, feel free to email me


look, I open this post of mine now to wiki…@acemasters, click on the edit sign,which is green, than YOU can ADD MY post,
finish the sentence then:

#wiki makes it … !


what!? :joy:


My YT account is Egocentrical Pancake, loool


:joy:this was the bot Iswear loool


I say we continue writing on the forums just like we did before


You know you could edit it back. Just get rid of the nonsense and remove the blur and drop-down code.


sure, but to make the function clear it was nice you joined just in my friend… but anyways, I guess it is too new age for the old schoolers inhere… @the_termin8r
lol :joy:


I’ll change it back.

EDIT: Done.