The unnamed terrors


Ok, so I know everyone has heard about it by now. Those white and colorful horrors. Pennywise’s cousins, those creepy things terrorizing people over the world…well, America.


Has any of the Americans on this forum seen pictures of them in your state or know people in your family who live in America that has them in theirs?






I just read how one tried to snatch a one year old from their mother’s arms.Clown Terror


@evooba this is the thread for you because I know how much you love them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Οh no no no. I’ll pretend this thread doesn’t exist. LOL


What. The. Heck. oO This is exactly why I keep a distance from the US (heh, literally :stuck_out_tongue: ), and by that I mean I’m reserved. I don’t like to hate people or things, but America has some nasty things, really :smiley:


You don’t have clowns in your country?


Oh no @evooba D; I forgot!!!

I’ll take it down and change it to how I think @the_termin8r and @jFar920 are butt poopies who are in a secret buttface colony for buttfaces :3


Hahaha, nah. I can cope with clown photos and such, can’t deal with them in real life.


Ok, but you might not want to look at them. My mom adapted to the human culture a long time ago. She lives amongst the humans and in America, and she showed me a picture of a clown showed on a security camera. The fact that it’s green and with bad definition and all you see is a creepy clown standing in what seems to be a backyard…with a creepy smiling mask on…like what the hell? This is so ‘only happens in Australia’ stuff!!!


I saw that movie when I was 13…no just NO.


We have clowns, I just avoid them. But now that you mentioned, they are really rare, and I don’t like their colorful faces, it’s so fake. Usually I’m okay with colorful things, and I like imaginary things as well, but it’s just weird.


No you guys don’t understand @nefermiw @anngelenee. These clowns have been trying to lurer kids into woods. People dressed in clown outfits have been showing up holding knives and whatnot. My mom has already gotten three amber alerts which is just sad.



you’re creeping me out!


agree :gun:


Yes! I don’t see what’s fun about them. Here it’s not uncommon to have clowns at kids’ birthday parties. They’re just creepy and fake.


The only clown I like is Ronald McDonald from RackaRacka on YT.