The VMA 2017 Disappointed


Very disappointed in MTV. Chester and Linkin Park did so much for and with MTV. The tribute, if you can call it one to Chester and Chris was not what those 2 men deserved.


Honestly I’m still fuming with rage towards MTV. I mean is this how they fucking thank him? Without Linkin Park, MTV wouldn’t have had as many eyes glued to the screens because even back then they would just keep making a bunch of garbage in their channel. Whoever decided to interrupt this performance should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. I’m so glad I stopped watching MTV several years ago. It’s no wonder no one watches them any more :rage:


I stopped watching the VMAs ages ago. MTV isn’t the “music television” that it once was, and the award show doesn’t do the music industry as a whole that much justice.

For an event like that, Jared Leto honored both Chris Cornell and Chester properly enough.


Glad I didn’t see this happen.
If it’s not about a Teen Mom then MTV could care less. They haven’t been about the music in a very long time.


Previously, MTV was better. Most shows are annoying.


Which tribute? Can somebody post a link?


All the clip shows is Jared Leto speaking about Chester. It doesn’t show the part they showed on tv with linkin park from 2010.


I am so disgusted with MTV
Chester deserves more than that.

We love you Chester!!:heart:



I haven’t watched MTV for long time. They’ve never really been about the music and it shows. It sucks that Linkin Park got disrespected like this by that shit show.


MTV fell down… they’re bs now


It was pitiful!
Jared’s words were beautiful and heartfelt but the rest was disgusting!
They didn’t even bother to show a photo of Chris, and then cut the LP clip off after a matter of seconds- so disrespectful :persevere:


Just watched it… Jared Leto’s speech was so beautiful. But then that cut, just wow… :disappointed_relieved: :woman_facepalming:


I think its also a shame that Jared had to ASK the audience to stand up…tz…
Interrupting jareds speach is ridiculos, on the other side they let taylor swift sing her crap full version


Well on the other hand, since I’m alive, MTV was never a good music television…

But I’m sorry for Jared Leto, he had put his heart into the speach and they cut him like that without telling the rest of it. It’s disrespectful.


Absolutely! I had expected that MTV would make more for Chester & Chris.
Had tears in my eyes when Jared said this nice things about Chester.


MTV = Massive Television Vomit


MTV used to be awesome in 2000s
Then it suddenly disappeared in local cable networks(replaced with MuzTV, a poppy channel which could make you vomit)
Appeared in 2009-2010 and since that time it’s impossible to watch


The only good on MTV now is “Catfish” and the music videos. But the rest…forget it


Yeah that’s just absolutely fucking embarrassing that he had to basically herd these dummies into doing it like a bunch of sheep that they are. No respect whatsoever.