The Voice That Will Echo Long After it's Gone


I would scream if I could, but I have no voice to speak of.
So instead, I wrote a letter that wants to share the sadness of losing a unique voice…
My thoughts to the band and family.


God! I didn’t have the enough time to read it until now.
More than a letter it seems a masterpiece’s lyrics.
Don’t you think take the letter and become into a song?


I didn’t think of my letter to be lyrical, but I thank you for your appreciation, ironsoldier16!
I wanted to express how the source of our lives comes from a solitary place in ourselves and that this loneliness can be turned into art such as music, but it can also leave you feeling deeply unhappy, a state you can’t escape from.

I’m happy you like it! =)


Try it! I see a potential lyrics there. The message is clear, you just need a melody that fits within.