The White ring Chester wore, what is it made of and where can you find them


Would like to find a ring like the White wedding ring Chester wore. What it’s made of where to get one?


I’m not sure which ring you’re talking about because I don’t pay attention to these things but it could be metal with some sort of white coating or plating or it could be ceramic, or plastic. Maybe go to a jeweler and see if they can give you some advice.


I think his ring that he wore was a plan White band that he us on tour. I think it was made for hem or it was something that this kids gave hem


I was thinking ceramic but it could be rubber too. Idk.


Ceramic, ivory, marble? Or yeah something coated


He’s wedding ring. Thxs


I hadn’t even paid attention to it until you brought it up but it changed a lot
The most recent one was a wine red color but since he was changing them occasionally then probably the white one was ceramic-not very durable but for here and there maybe