The Woodlands 9/5


Hey guys! I’m so stoked about this show, it’s been too long since i’ve seen LP. So anyone else gonna be rocking out?! Hope to see some of y’all there!


I’ll be there, section 107. I’m so stoked about this concert. I can’t wait for the album to come out, I’ve been waiting for something like this song (guilty all the same) from Linkin Park.


Awesome! I’m coming from San Antonio, this is my first time seeing them at this venue, I can’t wait!


I’ll be at this concert! It’s my first concert, and I’m so excited! I bet it’ll be amazing!


My first concert ever was at the woodlands. It’s going to be so awesome. I hope they knock my socks off. I’ll most likely be wearing the lpu 13 shirt. Hope this is my chance to get a m&g…been to three concerts and so far haven’t gotten the coveted m&g yet.


Omg i would die if I got a m&g! Good luck to the both of us!!!


Good luck to everyone going to the concert. Just gotta wait six months for it to be here.


Hey guys!
I’ll be going to the woodlands show! This would be my 3rd time seeing them at the woodlands at this venue, I’m so stoked to see them again! Not that happy that it’s in September though, the weather… XD


Yeah im hoping for nice cool weather! Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:


i’ll be there!! :slight_smile:
last year i was in the pit but couldnt get any this year :frowning: still super excited though!!! :smiley:


We will be coming from San Antonio as well. All 2 times we have seen them have been in Houston. First was at the Toyota Center for the ATS Tour & then the Woodlands last year for The Honda Civic Tour! I got a limited addition poster signed from the band…very cool, I must say. We are going to be the closest we’ve ever been with our Deluxe Tickets -103, row F! I can’t wait! I have gotten M&G at both shows…different ways. I feel blessed to have met them & be right behind Chester the first time I met them.




Enjoy the show!
Good luck for M&G for everyone!