The WTF! thread


Came across this vid and didn’t know where to post it. Then I realized we don’t have a specific thread yet where this kinda stuff belongs, so here it is :smile:


I’m not sure I want to click on that :joy: . Good thread though.


:joy::joy::joy: wtf!


Omg! Hahahahahaha


Not as strange as this:


Lol! Ku Klux DJ?


Darth Obama


Holy cow the amount of editing here is insane :joy:


What the freak. And to think that this piece of filth basically owns the biggest artists in the world including Linkin Park!


Pretty scary considering all the human trafficking going on right now and such, that gets little coverage on the news. There is a lot of money to be made in the black market and well, who are the ones that have money? :tired_face:


Exactly, the “big guys”. Dark stuff


WTF!? I never knew the situation in China was this horrible. It’s the ultimate fascist digital dictatorship!


Same news, now from BBC’s website.