The youtube reform


Linkin park approves youtube reform? Anyone knows?


What reform?


Do you mean the Millennium Copyright Act reform?


So what exactly did they approve?


Putting it plain and simple, more money from streaming services.


Youtube monetization thing yup.


Yeap, with the ads and everything.

But maybe @Isaac_Torres means something else? YouTube Red perhaps?


I saw its about charge people for seeing videos or something like that


You mean YouTube Red then. Yes, it’s a paid platform on YT, lots of vloggers are making extra shows there. It’s still in the early stages to tell if music will eventually be uploaded as well.
As far as I know, LP hasn’t mentioned anything about it.


Thanks man! Hope it won’t happen


If they do, I doubt they’re going to charge for the normal content we already get. Maybe they’ll upload the extended LPTV episodes or something for YouTube Red users. The main problem with YTR is that it’s not global, so not everyone can use it


A YT show I watch, recently announced they will be starting a new one on YTR and said that even though it is US, AUS and NZ only, everyone will have access to it. They explained why in a long post but I won’t bore you with that… bottom line is that YTR shows become available to regular YT after a short period of time so everyone has access.

In all honesty, I’m not entirely against YTR, it actually makes sense to me.


That might be a choice by that channel to eventually release it to everyone, because I haven’t see that anywhere else


Could be. Also, you can buy the episodes on regular YT to watch if you don’t have access to YTR so techically everyone has access to it. Then again, that could be the channel’s preference as well? I don’t know…

I think YTR is still in its very early stages to tell what will eventually happen.


Damn man! You’re well informed. So lets just wait to new LP music!!!