There's not enough stock to add to the card


Hi, I’m new to all this (buying LPU 15 membership) and I successfully added a credit card but when I try to buy LPU 15 it says there’s not enough stock to add to this cart. What should I do?


Wait a few more days till LPU 16 launches and buy the membership then. It seems that the LPU 15 bundles are out of stock.


Thank you so much for your answer :smiley:


You’re welcome!


Why is everyone trying to buy LPU 15 right now of all times? We’ve had like 5 threads all having issues lol.


I’m assuming because they advertised again, like get it while you can before it’s gone. It happens every year before the launch of the new one.


I’ve been thinking of buying it for at least two months but had to wait for my salary. I can’t wait to finally get it :smiley:


The LPU15 items will most likely be sold without a membership when LPU16 launches for those who didn’t get it and still wanted it