There's Something More - The Unity Of Us


Hello my fellow lyricist, today marks the first song that I will not be writing the chorus to

I will be joining in as always, and I want you guys to decide whom will have chorus duties for the next song, now I have heard your calls for a more happier, upbeat song
So what kind of happy song do we want


Chorus duties for this song

  • The Termin8r
  • Gatsie
  • AJ7
  • Samuel
  • The Early Walker
  • Rick
  • Jabin

0 voters


United by Ace Masters

What the?


and myself have started to write lyrics together

We had just completed a song: Chaos and Serenity
check it out

this is the next project that we discuss so we are all on the same page


I see what you did there in the vote @AJ_7 :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha no, it had nothing to do with that :stuck_out_tongue:


Just waiting for @jabinquaken to vote

so far it’s a tie between @the_termin8r and @gatsie


exciting :thinking:


between @the_termin8r @gatsie and @AJ_7
you three need to decide whom has chorus duties


Like… isn’t 23% more than 22%?




LOL, just wondering you know. I admit I suck at math but maybe he’s using a different calculating system than I’ve never known before?


22% of 9 is 1.98
23% is 2.07

Both are 2 people.


Thank you @the_termin8r

So once again you three have to decide whom has chorus duties




I’ll go if nobody wants to step forward.


From my side, go ahead :slight_smile:


guys ya can t immagine - know - how good it feels to read right this: THE UNITY OF US.,… and we all are a part of our real unique unity… how I feel <3 right know… OVERWHELMING ME…


yes please
hope tom morn I get ya in
sleep well
commmunity :sleeping:


Right it’s settled
@the_termin8r you are on chorus duties
Therefore you are excempt from the rota of people that have verse and pre-chorus duties

I think that a love song might be the way to got

But open to other “happy” song types


Good for you man, have fun! haha