They play shortened songs live?


I was wondering what they might play at their Hunting Party tour this november in Amsterdam so I looked up setlists on

On here I saw 28 songs, but about half of them were shortened versions without second verse and second chorus. Isn’t this really annoying?
You’re like, “they’re playing my favourite song!” and then they just cut it off.

I understand you can play more songs that way. More songs from different albums. But it makes me kind of sad because Papercut is my favourite song and it’s also shortened. ):


I just saw them for the first time a few days ago in Denver. Yeah I was sad that some of my favorite songs were shortened (Points of Authority/Blackout), but they also did some really cool stuff just by mixing and mashing parts of different songs together! For their Denver show they played the intro to Blackout but instead of playing the whole song they simply repeated it a few times and added something different on each iteration before transitioning into Papercut (the full song too)! Maybe I’m just weird, but I quite enjoyed what they did for that particular show, even if it meant playing shorter versions of several songs.


You can’t really tell the songs are shortened. You’re having way too muchand you barely notice it. Plus theguys have mashed them up together so well, it’s incredibe!


Ah ok, thanks for the replies!

If they mix it really nice then I understand it still sounds cool. I just tought they would just randomly cut off songs and that just didn’t sound too good.
But mixing different songs is definitely a cool idea. (:


I think the reason they do this is to make the whole show seem like a “mega-medley” now. Other than the encore break, there’s hardly any space between songs in the setlist anymore.


This is definitely something I noticed. Nearly nonstop playing, which made the show really feel more like a full performance instead of just a few guys playing music for a crowd like most other bands these days.


With each new album, it’s getting tougher to keep certain songs in the set. This may just be their way of keeping as many songs in their set as they can, and satisfying everybody that comes out to see them. Whether it’s the most die-hard fan, or the average listener.


I Love this mix of Songs, but Not to much of it.
For me is less more. There are so many Songs i Love and want to hear it live, so they can’t Play all[razz]
I would like to hear the hole Song!!!
I will see in Nov in Hamburg and Bremen[cool]


In the past I have liked how they have tackled the blending of their songs. It has worked okay, but yeh, I’d limit it to once in the beginning, middle and end. It wouldn’t be terrible to do a medley leading into the encore. I like having a medley intro, almost a a sneakpeak…

The issue is that the band change their sound each album and fans come and go because of it. The best way to address the fans is to play as many songs from all albums as possible. LP happen to be one of those bands who are outstanding live, and can change an opinion on less favorable albums. Can’t say that about many other bands who purposefully alter their sound.

Soon enough we’ll be queuing for tickets to “Linkin Park - The Musical” with all the top notch diverse tracks they have produced.


I really don’t like shortened songs. When I will be singing the song at the concert and them stop to start another one without finish, I think that I will feel like that something is missing


Unfortunately I know in the DC area they had a “Curfew” to be done with their show by. So instead of playing less songs, they shortened so that you could hear some of your fav stuff.


I saw them in Phoenix two weeks ago and again in San Diego last week. Definitely rearranging some songs (but not the same ones at both shows). In general it wasn’t bad at all. Mike knows what he’s doing on this stuff. We got Lying From You (if even a shortened version) in San Diego, which was awesome! I haven’t heard that song in a while and I kinda thought we wouldn’t be hearing it ever again live. We also get a bit of Wretches at both shows which is better than the nothing we’ve been getting for years. My favorite song of the set is the remixed Castle of Glass. It is pretty much perfect, in my mind. Overall, I’d say you have nothing to worry about. It is nonstop goodness.


[quote=skittlez]Unfortunately I know in the DC area they had a “Curfew” to be done with their show by. So instead of playing less songs, they shortened so that you could hear some of your fav stuff.

Curfew has absolutely nothing to do with it. They played the same shortened songs at every show on the tour (except for the ones that rotated between Set A and Set B). Some venues have curfews, some don’t, but either way, LP’s scheduled set time ends at 11 PM.


They have a few different set lists so don’t fret; maybe the one you catch will have the full versions you want. :-).


It makes the live experience more interesting :slight_smile: