Thi is my first time im joining lpu as a free trial for a week


Yesterday i joined this for free for a week and yesss LPU is awesome…
this account will expired on november 27. so not long time im here… im happy i ever be a part of official like you guys… enjoy [ugeek]


Welcome Andi. Maybe you have the opportunity to stay longer? [smile]


i have an 1 month trial in the LPU team, and it’s not a long time too i know :frowning:


A week? The last free trial is just for a weekend. U_U

Welcome and enjoy till the end of the membership!


Me too… I would love to stay though now that I know what it’s like… Is it weird that I’m only 12?


I have to say that the underground is pretty addictive and now im considering to buy a membership even thoug Im also using a trial now.
So, hope to see you here again sometime!


I joined the LPU today using my trail that came with Living Things. I’ve promised myself that as soon as I have a decent income I’m getting the extended membeship, I want to give myself the best chance to meet the LP guys.