Thinking of LP sleeve, need your help soldiers!


Hello guys and sorry for my grammar,

I have one LP Tatt and after thinking about the idea of a sleeve I decided it to be all LP sleeve ( or at least most of it ).

Anyway I need some ideas from you guys to help me out with the sleeve.

I would like to have the Hybrid theory soldier on my arm and THP on it as well, any ideas for background/ nice sentences.
Thank you very much guys :slight_smile: .


Don’t do it, you will regret it. Tattoos right related to any band are stupid


Thanks but this is my decision… I already got one for two years now.


I am not for band tattoos (any kind, from simple lyrics and logos to even more) but, if I wanted one (not thinking of one) I wouldn’t ask for anyone’s help but my tattoo artist. Your tat should be something that represents you, not ideas of other people.

Show your artist the soldier and art from THP and ask them what to do, they’ll help you.


My artists lives 15 hours far from me… I just need some ideas nothing special… imagination (?)


THP art would look really good as tattoo (I’ve seen it on others already). HT looks great too and is very popular. How much room would you have left after those 2 parts?

For the rest of the sleeve, is there any other LP/MS artwork that you love most? Pick your favorite ones, and draw them together with the somdier and THP art, on paper to get an idea, and make sure they match together, or let your tattoo artist make a design. I personally prefer their artwork over logos for a tattoo. Of course one small logo in a sleeve of art would look good as well.

You can also wait to finish it with some signatures/drawings done by the band at a M&G. :slight_smile:


This quote:
“Try the ketchup motherfuckers"
or, if ya a bit more serious
"Try to catch up, motherfuckers”
-Mike Shinoda


in my opinion you gotta include the all Lp Albums or some of the most meaningful art work from each of them. also some of Mikes’ personal art. will go very well :slight_smile:


hey buddy
Your decision is respected but allow me to share a view of another guy out there.

No tattoos!
for nothing!
unless it matters too darn much!

what if they come out and say Hail Satan? :blush:
unless you’re one of them you will be scratching it off with kitchen wire!