This deal sucks!


This deal sucks. We were enticed to pay for a fanclub membership to get advance tickets. Upon arrival there are no tickets! Could have told me that up front and saved the hassle. Additionally, you guys are charging $117 for reserved seats at Englewood, CO Comfort Dental Ampatheater and also $117 for lawn seats where you cant even see anything nor hear the music without echo. RIPOFF!!


Stop posting your angry/raging replies all over the forums. This is a duplicate post from your other topic:

Quit being a whiny little kid just because you didn’t read the instructions or pay attention to the details and now you don’t have tickets.


Actually the tickets should not be LAWN seats! GA seats that are being sold are PIT!! You get what you pay for… and it is worth every penny in my opionion have seen them numerous times live, pit or not they made me the happiest girl in the world during that time!


Calm down! :smiley:


Lawn seats are $49 and you can stil get pit seats.