This Friday is my Birthday


26 - 10

tomorrow it will be 20th birthday…
and honestly im not really happy about it… why? because after all i been through (which is a lot of crap) not much good stuff have happend yet in these 20 years
so to me it feels like nothing special
neither am i excited about anything
also the fact im still freaking single hits me even more now im turning older, dang it man

besides the fact i feel like sh!t every single day id wanted to create this thread
to thank linkin park.

they are one amazing band and ever since i got hooked with their perfect music i did became stronger and more self confident. knowing there are 6 guys out there who understand every single thing that i say and feel, all the sadness, anger and pain
all the frustrations…
i mean really… god bless us everyone… i have no one around me that truely understands me so that those 6 guys do… is amazing to me
and i say thank you… without their epic music i don’t think i would still be here … becoming 20 years old this friday

these guys are truely one of a kind
they make me laugh
…they make me scream, the good way
& they make me feel

if by any chance one of you guys read this(probably not, i know, but still…), chester - mike - rob - dave - joe - brad

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, you guys touched my soul
you guys truely save lives
you mean more to me and the other fans around here than you guys could ever imagine , im sure

i hope my birthday will be normal this year… as its always a mess… fighting parents, argueing all the time, no presents… ugh ~
though this year i will at least get 1 present and thats a dvd box i really want badly… flashpoint




Happy Birthday! [razz]


Happy Birthday to you… [biggrin]


Happy Birthday soldier! And don’t be sad:)) your fellow soldiers love you:)


haha i thought no one was gonna say happy birthday… which would of be fine in the end lol
but i do appericiate it some of you guys actually did
thank you :smiley:
after 19 years i finally had a normal birthday~