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I’m am a 39 year old stuck in a electric wheelchair yes I can go to places in my chair but can not go to a lot because well a road way is not safe but I understand the point of getting up and out but there are some who play this game who maybe stuck in a bed for a while or stuck in a hospital because of health issues. The solution is easy make it in game joystick to move in your area where you are located give it a limited range of 30 mile radius or the city limits I can not see or think of a reason why the game could not accomidate to the disabled I know how it feels watching my friends play basketball I’ve tried but it is hard I was ten when I lost all movement from my neck down I gained some arm movement and so on back but never let it get me down I’ve been sky diving to concerts and more and will continue as long as my health allows me to. In conclusion I hope to get support from others who have friends that wish they could do more do not wish just do it. I hope mike sees this I know he plays Pokemon go.


Actually, Niantic has a special setting for disabled people so they can play as well just like everyone else. You need to contact them and they will fix the app for you.

Not sure how this is related to LP and something the band can fix. If you want to somewhat contact any of the band members, find them on social media and hope they reply to you. They don’t come in here.


Very powerful of you to not let your disability get you down, mate. I’ve never been sky diving before in my life. You’re one tough cookie!

Pokemon Go is fun and it’s nice to know the game has an option for the disabled to play the too.

Like Evooba mentioned also; The band never comes on these forums unfortunately. Mike is active on Twitter, Instagram and so many other social media tools. You’ll have a better chance getting a response there.

But in the meantime… Here’s a video Mike shared on Facebook etc, of him playing Pokemon Go with some friends in LA a few weeks ago:


No there are no options for the disabled there needs to be one for us and that’s fine I was hoping a person might link this into a social media for me I do not have a lot of friends hard to when they have families of there own and most people find it infringing on there fun when they have to spend time loading me into a van so I have my family. And I’ll get some of my sky diving pictures up if I can. Please if anyone can post this to a bigger social media app I’d appreciate it.


Never mind I’ll try to find the setting I looked every place fore it.


There is. Like, I said you need to contact Niantic. My friend has done it and can play just fine.

If you want more people to see it though, why not go to a Pokemon Go related forum or something? This one is dead, there are like 5 of us in here that are active.


I hope it works out for you WheelChairSamurai, Id admire you for the way you live your life and not letting things get you down