This is so mean :(


Someone sent these two screenshots :frowning:


hä? understand nothing,


That’s Pokemon fire red or leaf green?


@Ryan_Grey don’t give a shit to this bully he is only a stupid person don’t do shit of every genre like kill yourself or cut your vains cuz you are cool while him is only garbage don’t let you put down from this piece of shit Please stay with the mind open and come out from the dark side of Darth Vader if you feel you alone we are here with you and for you think to the Linkin Park how much are important to you don’t do shit! :wink:


So now I got it: Don´t give a damn f*** over this ass*****. Evil people get their energie for living from out of such actions, if you don´t give any kind of energy to them they die, it´s so easy… :innocent:


It’s not so easy. I was bullied for two years at school. They went on when I defended myself against them and they didn’t stop when I didn’t react in any way.


Do you know, who it is?


Yes I do.



thats what joda & me are thinking…


Just ignore them. It’s not worth it.


Make sure that is reported.

Also know that abuse is EVERYWHERE, you can never run away from it. But never let it affect you cause those kind of people could be able to change you in such a way. I hear stories of how teenagers or adults have constantly been bullied in their life but there was always something they could do to stop it. Whenever I get a mean comment from someone, I always tell myself in my head that is NEVER true. Just know you can definitely rise above abuse.