This is strobelabs reply back for removing me


so i got removed from the line somehow…emailed strobelabs asking to get my presale code and this was their answer.
they didnt even mention if i will get my code or not…emailed back and no answer wtf!!!

"If people are having an issue logging in, because their account was removed in error, they should contact us so we can restore their account account. Unfortunately, many people breached our terms of service, and had their accounts removed. That said in using our platform, you represent that all information you provide to us is “true, correct, and current”. Our Terms of Service it clearly states “We have the right to verify your identify to process your order”. We also have the right “to cancel your registration at our sole discretion.”

While we obviously don’t think you did this, it would be incredibly unfair to credit someone for accounts that have been deemed fraudulent and banned because of a breach of our terms. To do so would mean that someone who simply sat there and created fake accounts would get credit for doing so–not saying you did this, but if we didn’t remove credit for fake accounts, this would be the result and would be incredibly unfair to the fans who actually got their friends to sign up."


sounds like it does make sense, however any idea why your account would be considered fraudulent? Did you log in from multiple devices or share the login info or something with people? The algorithm on some sites detects weird patterns and can consider it not legit…


i dont know why… no reason. if they think i didnt do this and removed by error, they should email my code but i have not received any code


dang, that sucks.


check with anyone you referred to see if they got a code
if they signed up just to help you place higher and they aren’t buying, then use their code
disregard the time and just use the code now and see if it works


didnt refer anyone… just bought 1 cd…so i have nothing!


just for the hell of it, try this one:


I just edited it, make sure the e is in there I had misspelled it
that was given to my bro but I bought us tix together
anyway hope it works elsewhere


thanks but it doesnot work?!?!


yeah that was only one I had,
if you can find someone the same way that is going to the same venue as you, itll work
mine didn’t work because its for a different place probably
best of luck


Hey Buddy, dont feel bad I got the same response from them and never did anything with my account to push up my ranking. I never even shared my code with anyone. I then responded back to that generic response with a question AND THEY SENT ME THE SAME THING AGAIN.

strobe is clearly a bullshit company that just tries to use fans for free promotion/marketing.


time to file chargeback on this membership fee


B5ztd5s5r use this one


Hey, send me an email at with the issue - thanks! -Lorenzo