This or That?



Rice or Noodles



Fires or baked potato



Mushroom or broccoli?



Couch or Lazyboy


Lazy boy

Saying up to midnight tonight or going to bed early


I celebrated New Year´s Eve with friends- so I stayed up until midnight - and longer - :slight_smile:

Staying at home with friends or go out with friends.


Home spent it with you guys so you can say I spent it with my friends cause it was just me and my mom and you guys

Work today or stay at home


Stay at home - that’s what I’m doing - melting.

Too Hot or Too Cold?


Too cold

Work at all this week


Black Tea or Coffee? :slight_smile:



pajamas or regular clothes


pyjamas all the way

Mechanical Pencil or Normal Pencil


Normal Pencil

Gel Pens or Colored Pencils


Coloured Pencils cos you can blend!

Charcoal or Pastels



Taking pictures with a camera or taking pictures with a smartphone


With a camera - but I never have my camera with me when I need it…lol

Moshpit or Seated


Always the moshpit

At party in the conner hiding or on the table rocking out


Hiding in the corner.

The cover song or the original version (any song)?


Original song

Camping or Backpacking


Both, dammit!

Heat in the winter, or air conditioning in the summer?