This or That?


Rabbit bunny! :rabbit: :grin:

Carrots or tomatoes?


Carrots ( Tomatoes are not tasteless…they taste horrible :nauseated_face::joy:)

Lettuce or cabbage?



Chocolate or vanilla


tough choice :roll_eyes::grin:
vanilla :yum:

backwoods or downtown



Thinking or sleeping?



Night dreams or day dreams


Chocolate :chocolate_bar:
book or movie


heeeeeeey, so rude :triumph: totally ignored my answers :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue: haha jk
welcome to the LPU!! glad you jumped in, its the best way to meet people here, theres some crazy people in here but most are well behaved :grinning: youre lucky you ran into batman first haha jk
anyway, go from the previous post on to keep the chain going :+1::grin:

movie usually

pen or pencil


Sorry haha I’m kinda new here sooo :smile:
and thank you for welcome!
I think I choose pen

Transformers or Transformers 2


(Thank you for not mentioning any of the others :joy:)
Rain or snow?



Sea or mountain?



Coffee or tea?


Coffee with sugar and a piece of chocolate. :heart_eyes::grin:

Wood or stone?


Stone :sunglasses: Haha

Train or car



Red delicious apple or granny smith


I’d have choosed chocolate!! :heart_eyes::joy:


Car or motorbike?


Caaar, never done it but i’m too afraid by motorbike. :grin:

Movie or (TV) serie?



Zoom or Flash?


I guess I prefer my photos with a flash. Preferably when its dark out. I’m just not a fan of zoomed in photos. They’re too blurry. I need that HD, crystal clear perfection.

Photo or Video?


Hmmm, photo :face_with_monocle:

Water or beer ?