This or That?


@callmeanne how are you doing! :smiley::smiley: Long seeing you!!

Bird or animal


Hmmm animal!

Hey @Honey8 I’m fine since I saw Mike in France :star_struck: You ?

Nature or Technology ?


Nature all the way ;₩)

Live on your knees OR die on your feet? :ghost:


Veryyy good! :smiley::smiley: Stay amazingggg!
Me… Áwêßómé as Ãlwåyß!! :kissing_heart::heart:



Games or sports?


Games [of Thrones]

Angela White or Anna Bell?


I don’t know who either of those people are.

Do you like your eggs scrambled or hard boiled?


I like them scrambled.

Step on a LEGO block or get bitten by a snake?


Lego block!! :grin:

Home tv or cinema?


WiFi or LTE?


LTE, tho my new WiFi is brilliant!

South Park or Family Guy?


South Park. I hate Family guy.

Kenny or Kyle?


I took a South Park personality test and I got Kyle

Desktop or laptop



South Park or the Simpsons?


The Simpsons.

Formal shoes or tennis?


Formal shoes

Eating only liquid food for a month or no internet for a week


This would fit good in the “would you rather…” Thread :slight_smile:

Liquid food, I need internet for my work XD

Sleep all the day or all the night?


Both in fact. But let’s say all the night.

Jobless or workaholic?


I’d rather have money, plus having a job helps keep my mind busy. Workaholic.

Indie or EDM?


Difficult choice…
I think id go for EDM now, but i listen to all kinds of music, so next month could be choosing indie😂

Doritos nacho cheese or the blue bag M&Ms?