Those of you who were chosen for M&G's


im eagerly awaiting some sort of sign that ive been chosen for the shoreline amphitheatre show in mountain view ca.

my question, how long before the concert did you know you’de been selected? and how were you notified?


Didn’t have a guaranteed M&G, but I got my email two days before the show in Bristow. I was notified via email, as I assume most others were.

Ended up giving up my spot for front of the pit since I met them the night before at the rehearsal. Hope this helps out!


Thanks for asking, I was wondering this too! Me & my boyfriend have tickets for the shoreline too. Crossing fingers.


I got mine about a week before the show in Atlanta.


i jsut got mine for Detroit! its on tuesday


I was selected to attend the M&G this Wednesday in Cinci. Do I need to have the LP Underground shirt? I never received it so was just curious.


I just got mine yesterday!!!for the 21 show!


Not at all. Personally, I think you want to look unique by not wearing a LPU shirt, but that’s my completely personal opinion. There’ll be a LPU flag and a line so you have no need to worry about finding it. There’ll be LPU members there in a line.