Thought it was about time I joined


Hi, I’m Lauren from Birmingham, UK
Been a fan since Hybrid Theory came out, took the morning off school to buy the record on release, and haven’t really looked back since.
First time LPU member though, looking forward to exploring the forum :smiley:


Welcome to LPU. I’ve been a fan since then also.


Welcome :slight_smile: have a great time here


Hey I’m a newbie too! I used to live in nottingham :slight_smile: I joined the LP when I was in school too


Welcome welcome! Took you long enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


me too, it´a big gift to us all together


Welcome! I had the same sort of feeling when I first joined lpu. Hope you enjoy the experience


I know, better late than never though :wink:


Welcome welcome to LPU !