THP Pre-order Lithograph


Has anyone received the lithograph with their pre-order? I just got my package today in the mail. It had the shirt, the CD bundled with the art book with lyrics… But no lithograph. I suspect that the lithograph is actually too big to fit in the same box that the other stuff came in unless it were to be folded which I don’t think it’s meant to be.

So yeah… Any idea?[confused]


Actually… Looking more into the packing slip… It does suggest a second package… So, a better question; how far apart did everyone else’s appear?

I had to pick mine up from the post office, but yeah… The slip for that only suggested one at the time.


The lithograph comes in its own, separate tube, separate from the other package. Mine both arrived at the same time.


Ah great a tube… I work for a courier service and I know what happens with tubes… On conveyor belts… Yeah, chances are that thing would have been delayed. They love to get stuck rolling on inclines or on the edges of belts and side panels. The latter being worse as they tend to blend in and are easily missed.

I hate tubes…

I would assume if Canada Post had both of them at that pick-up depot, they would have probably given me two slips of paper. I didn’t notice anything indicating that there was two packages on the slip they gave me. I’m not sure how Canada Post deals with multiple piece pick-ups.

Thanks for the info.


Been looking for a way to frame my lithograph. Any suggestions?


I will scan it and the print it out bigger, because it´s very small