THP-Tour: Bremen


Hi guys!

My best friend and me have got a little, stupid problem regarding to the concert in Bremen and the youth law in Germany.
We already have our tickets to the show in Bremen, but I’m 15 years old, so I need an adult who takes care about me. My mum says she will sell my ticket if I don’t find a concert buddy in the standing area.
You don’t have to stay with me and my friend the whole concert. I think you just need to go with us through the entrance and the security guards.
We have stannding tickets, so if there’s an over 18 years old guy with standing tickets out there, please help us!
We are waiting since four years to see Linkin Park and I’d would be destroyed, if I couldn’t attend the concert.
I have a last try now because I have to find someone until 27/10/2014 - otherwise my mother wants to sell my ticket.
If there’s any German, feel free to talk German with me.