Three Days Grace anyone?


I’m so excited that they’re doing a Fall tour and playing at intimate small venues. Anyone going? If so , where? I’m coming to the show in DC! :smiley:

Also, anyone going to the festival at Hershey Park next week? Stone Temple Pilots, Seether, and other bands will be there too. I’m dying to go!!


I saw them a few years ago. Awesome Canadian band. One of my all time favorites. They put on a great show! You’ll have fun!


Pretty awesome band. Ive listened to them over the years, never seen them live though.


I love Three Days Grace (: Never saw them live though, I mean, I’m brazilian so…


I love love loveeeee Three Days Grace. I saw them at Uproar last year and they’re coming to a local radio festival thing at the end of September and I can’t wait!


I love Three Days Grace so much, they’re probably my second-favorite band right now (behind LP of course.)


Yes, I like Three Days Grace


Never To Late is an awesome song :smiley:


met them a few years back! always a fun band to see live!


Three Days another great band…second to LP…Riot, love that song!!!


Love them… I own all of their albums, and their newest album is really good. I love the song Anonymous. I have not yet seen them live, but I desperately want to. It sucks that they never ended up on a PR tour back in the day…


The local radio festival thing was on Saturday and they absolutely KILLED it (in the good way). They played two new songs off of Transit of Venus and now I can’t wait to listen it!


performing get out alive next week :smiley: