Three Days Grace


They are one of my favorite bands and while they may not be as active as LP or others, they still have managed to provide a lot of good music. What do you guys think of this band?


Love them! Seen them live last year :3.


Great band, I’ve been a fan of theirs from the beginning, have yet to see them live for myself




Three Days Grace is one of my seconds favourites bands aswell ^^


three days grace. one of the few bands I appreciate for their lyrics. they make it into my top 5.


Awesome band!! Seen them live in 2007. Also got a photo of me with Barry and Adam :slight_smile:


Great band, seen them live like 6 times since they tour here in Canada lots since they are from here. Found out about them years ago when a friend from Toronto knew them back when they were called Groundswell from a high school near his. Man did our jaws drop when we heard their new sound when they changed their line up and became Three Days Grace. The rest is history…


I love 3DG!! I think it’s great how you can feel the emotions not just through the lyrics, but through the beats and rhymes. Of course their lyrics are wonderful, really something you can relate to, just like LP’s :slight_smile:


I really like them. I think they’re quite relaxing.


i would like to see them live i missed them like three times now. i know some songs by them :3


They’re an amazing band, definitely one of my favorites. I’d love to see them live! Not to mention I can actually sing they’re songs and not sound terrible xD


Amazing band :smiley:


they are a really cool band and their lyrics are awesome


3DG is an awsome band i actually got to see them live and they got to do an extended performance due to a member from A7X got sick they were awsome live!


i love them! They are one of my all time favorite band!!


Good band, I often listen to them


I wonder what’s going on in Adam’s mind right now


TDG will never be the same without Adam…


Yeah RIP 3DG.
After hearing the demo’s with Matt i’ve lost my love for 3DG