Ticket collection


How/where/when do we collect actual tickets bought online for SA concerts?


Yeah, how does the will call work?


Please let us know how the will call works…


once pre-sale closes u will get an email from computicket with a letter attached. take that letter to computicket along with your order number from LPU…


Hey! I called the Big Concerts customer care and this is what they said:

Within 3 weeks, LPU will be sending all the orders (order numbers) booked online to computicket and big concerts. We will then get an email with a reference number to collect the tickets from computicket :slight_smile:


Sweeetttttt. Thank you very muchness. I really appreciate it!!,!


I sent Big concerts an email earlier today regarding the Will Call, This was their reply

The “will call” tickets works like this:

  1. Once you have bought the tickets, you get a LPU confirmation with a unique order number.
  2. Once pre-sales close all the order numbers will be sent to Big Concerts and with Computicket will assign a Computicket reference number.
  3. Confirmation letters will be sent by both LPU and Computicket stating your Computicket reference number
  4. This needs to be taken to any Computicket outlet with your ID and the tickets will be issued to you.


Thanks guys!

Really appreciate all the input!

I can put my mind (and the other ticket holders) at rest!

Can’t wait!!!


I called them and this is how we going to do it for the guys that bought it from LPU

  1. in two weeks they going to send us a e-mail from computicket. then once we have that take the order printout from LPU and the one from computicket plus your ID and then you can collect your tickets from any Computicket office.

And thats it

Hope this helps guys


I can confirm this…

Big concerts is just waiting for the LPU admin team to send them the information then they will start allocating tickets


[quote=Llewellyn Van Zyl]I can confirm this…

Big concerts is just waiting for the LPU admin team to send them the information then they will start allocating tickets[/quote]

Thanks for your info!


Thanks for the info above!

I was wondring the same thing!


Anyone heard anything on our tickets yet? Cause its been more than two weeks and i haven’t heard a thing? Starting to wonder lol… And still haven’t received my LPU11 laminate etc yet either :-/


Any news yet? I have not heard anything yet either! Please post an update if anyone receives anything :slight_smile:


Any new information, i have still not recieved my gift pack or any communications on my tickets.


A friend of mine received his pack beginning of August, I’m still waiting for mine, we ordered on the same day! tick-tock time is running out! where’s my damn tickets :stuck_out_tongue:


Howzit Guys. Anybody else getting nervous beacause we aint got tickets yet? Geeeez. Hope anybody got some news.



We got our tickets. Check this link out:


it explains everything… just read through the thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Has everyone received their tickets yet??