Ticket purchase for Greensboro, NC...help..and random LP story


So, I just rejoined LPU for my diehard LP son…I have purchased tickets for the Greensboro show…but then realize I did it through ticketmaster unrelated to the LPU stuff…so how can we make sure he is in the running for the backstage stuff? it’s a mom screw up thing. This kid had our family of six traveling from NC aaaaalllllll the way to HollyWood CA because LP was going to be at the guitar center there putting their handprints down…Lordy mercy…and we missed it by a day because of travel issues…but the staff there was awesome! He was devastated…and they let him wail on a ton of guitars (he is 13) and they brought out the cast of the prints so he could see them…they weren’t dry…so cool of them…but dang it…I hope I can make sure he’s in the running for the random backstage thingy


I believe it doesn’t matter where you et the tickets to be selected for the Meet and Greet, if that’s what you mean


Yes, that’s where I was going with that…I was afraid that in order to be eligible I had to purchase by navigating the LPU links…thanks,