Time to say goodbye?


Today is November 17th and my membership will expire on the 23th. But I still don’t have the opportunity to renew! And I wonder, why LPUHQ wait so long to announce the next round. All fans who decided for LPUXIV early are in a hurry now. That is not nice :frowning:

Even if the LPUXV announcement comes this weekend, the time for renewal isn’t very long. LPUHQ should remeber, that we have jobs and a life outside LPU and not the time to watch our email postbox the whole day, and to be online 7 days a week.

I still wait for the LPUXV announcement, but really I think to quit. And that despite I still have a guaranted m&g!!!
If “we” don’t meet here again, let me say thank you to all LPU members who get me a warm welcome, when I was new here :blush:


Why will it be a problem if the new LPU year launches after the 23rd? You can renew your membership even after it expires, you won’t loose any data or anything.
They’ve said already they are still working on it so it won’t be that long, plus the new year always launches late November or early December. It’s not taking them long, it’s usual.


That are good news. :smiley:
But, are you sure? Can I log in even if my account is expired?


Yeah you can (LP.com part, not LPU), you won’t loose your profile if you are active. They delete them only if you’re not active for 2 months.


I think also, if you tag them @LPUHQ it will still be faster, maybe…

sure no reason to leave or say goddbye, even the other side, c´mon forums, discuss and laugh with us…hope to see you vote on B:O:T:S: finals voting poll click here to enter

thanx and stay tuned…:relaxed:


Last year they gave 1 extra week for those, whose memberships were expiring around LPUXIV release date

Where is LPU 15

As soon as LPU15 is ready we will notify you all via e-mail and officially announce it!

Also, you must be a current LPU member to use your guaranteed m&g, meaning a membership must be active.

Can’t wait for you all to see the new LPU.



at LAST BUT NOT LEAST THANKS @LPUHQ …:::::::::sunny:



Think we can close this thread now.

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