Timing - Help - Jozi concert 10 November



SO EXCITED, laminate in hand, tickets in hand and parking ticket in hand… now a few questions.

Computicket says gates open at 19:00
Parking ticket says parking open from 12:00
Apparently, LP are on at 21:00

WHAT TIME SHOULD I BE THERE? I know LPU11 members get early entry but how early and do we have seperate queues etc?

I have kids and am dropping them off at mom in law overnight so just not sure what time to plan everything for and what time I should be there standing in a queue :slight_smile:



You should get there 2 days before the show. If you want to be sure, make it 3 days. #OMFG


Lol, I don’t think you should go that far to setup an overnight camp for that…

Gates @ FNB normally opens @ 4PM on the concert day…


I was thinking about 4pm… :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks


Glad i’m not you… I live 15 minutes walk from the Cape Town Stadium… Whoopdidoooo
Hope you come right