To all experts Who is Austin?


Shame on me saw the rock in rio "las Vegas"

today the first time,
there came, at a seriously chester part at faint a guy “Austin” on the stage who is he???


Austin Carlile of Of Mice And Men


Ah seemed a bit that he supported Chester at the very hard-voices parts?


He did. He’s joined them on stage many times. He is a very good friend of Mike’s and a badass dude. His band is amazing too! (They were part of the THP tour in Europe last year and this summer with Rise Against).


Saw them in Munich, but was too hard for me of mice and men, then, there at the same time the m&g take has taken place…Yeah, by this workload concerts, every voice needs support, and it was see, that mike communicates with him on stage… Time for a great break for the band-men I think :palm_tree: holydays with their families & friends everyone needs to recharge… :elephant:


They just did it for fun like they’ve done with other artists, it’s not about Chester taking a few seconds of rest during the song, plus they are always very supportive of their friends and seeing that Austin is a huge LP fan, it was pretty obvious they’d do a collab on stage :wink:

But overall, OMAM is great, definitely worth a second listen. They have a couple of softer songs too!


I once saw a video wherein Chester suggests that he wants Austin to join them on stage during the THP tour. And his performance was absolutely brilliant!!!
I started listening to the band OM&M only after I heard Austin performing in the tour!


There’s a video? I don’t think I’ve seen it lol. I thought Mike suggested it to be honest, seeing that they’re friends and all that.
OMAM has become one of my most favorite bands, I’m so glad they took off so much, they’ve got great potentials!


Saw Austin Carlile from Of Mice & Men with LP’s THP tour right here in Amsterdam last year. Never heard of his band before until I had tickets for the show. I also noticed how LP calls Of Mice & Men “guest stars” on the concert ticket and not “opening act”, like most artists would do.

As the freak I am, I went early to the concert venue to make sure I had a nice spot nearby the stage. And I also had the chance to actually see some of his bandmates [excluding Austin] enter the concert venue. This one guy with the long hair who plays the guitar is such a sweet heart.They were all very nice dudes. Taking pictures with fans and talking to them.

I thought it was really awesome that he performed with LP. Carlile has really impressed me since then. His entire band has.


I know right? I love it that when they tour with friends it’s just another “guest” and not an “opening act”. I wish they were at my show too but I was stuck with FOB (though I missed their set entirely).

Aww Phil? He’s awesome, they all are amazing people actually :slight_smile:


Got to go The Hunting Party Tour back in January in TN. The show was phenomenal! It was my third time seeing Linkin Park and my second time meeting them at the meet & greet. My friend and I were able to watch most of Of Mice And Men’s set, and I must say it was awesome! We didn’t get to really see Rise Against, except for the end of “Savior”. When Austin came on during Faint, it was intense and the crowd went nuts. I definitely recommend giving Of Mice And Men a listen and getting to see them live is that much better. Great music to lift to


Being stuck with FOB doesn’t sound like a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope OMAM & Rise Against will tour again with LP in future tours, would be nice.


Yeah, if you are a fan :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not, so…

Please, I’m dying for them to do another tour with RA. Though I think it’ll be very hard to schedule again since both of them are going back to the studio and then doing individual tours to suppoer the new albums. I’m bummed it didn’t happen :confused:


@evooba “Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed - fully understood - that sticks; right in there somewhere.” Chester or Mike, it was a good idea :smiley: Assuming you are one of the most well informed person in here, any idea idf there will by any official releases of THP tour video or Carnivorous tour video?

@Gatsie stop calling everyone sweetheart :wink: Also, amen to the LP, OM&M and RA desperately-awaited-less-probable tour!


Hmmm… Yeah, the full concerts from Camden from both tours have been released, also the Hollywood Bowl show in LA in 2014. I’m sure you can find them ok YouTube!


I don´t know, I have a kind of feeling that THIS worst case could happen: LP is touring now so excessiv, cause they tour the last time for a long time, mike gets solo, Chazzy with , Rob is producing younger acts, Brad gets in family, maybe I changed their names, and the other one, phoenix is going golfing, then they life theire lives appart, and then Austin & Mike build a team, they have a sideproject, sth like this and became lin kung park Vol. 2 or sth like this, so pray god bless the original linkin park
@amitrish The Carnivorous Tour 2014 or is it THP? The video is from a tv station EINS Plus to see on youtube, here

A plesure to watch it!!!


They have toured way too much for this album, that’s for sure. They did have some sort of disagreement at some point and weren’t ok for a long while (at least that’s how I saw things) but, those 6 have such a strong bond, they’ll stick together no matter what. It’s understandable for them to want to take some time off to do new and different things and of course spend time with their families, that’s their priority now, but I believe they’ll be fine. They’re not breaking up, not yet at least! :wink:


Hi, nice that you´re on @EvoOba , so I hope they all recover and make that for kinda break, that the spirit that bonds them will come back at it´s best, and, at least, I will believe in this :heart_eyes:


thanks @The_early_walker for the link, but I have already youtube-d these videos. What I was asking @evooba was something of LiT or RtR. Nevermind, I already have these shows downloaded from youtube :smiley:Thanks again.


@The_early_walker : Don’t write such things… that would be… CAN’T HAPPEN!!!