To all swiss people! 03.11 & 07.11


Hello dear swiss people I’ll write this post in both english and swiss-german since not everyone in this country speaks swiss-german :wink:

Im Oktober bis Dezember findet de Schwiizer Rock-Highway-Contest statt. Mir spieled am 07.11 ide Alte Kaserne in Zürich. Wieso ich das imne LPU Forum poste? 1. Wells da cooli offni lüüt gitt, 2. Well mir mitere ähnliche Richtig wie LP agfange hend und eus ide zwischeziit wiiterentwicklet hend. Dezue isch de rock-highway für jedi rockband ide schwiiz e gueti chance zum wiitercho, für das bruched mer ide vorrundi aber au mächtig publikum (nebere hammer performance natürlich) :slight_smile: demit er wüssed, uf was ier eu ilönd, da es paar alti demos (wommer immerno spieled) :
Wenner Interesse hend, schriebed mer doch! Wär cool, eu au am 03.11 am LP Konzet z gseh :slight_smile:

From october 'till december, the “rock-highway contest” takes place again. We play our show on the 7th of novembr at the “Alte Kaserne” in zurich. And why am I putting up this post? 1. Because the LPU Community consists of a lot of cool peeps, 2. Because we started off with a LP-NuMetal sound as well and developed into our own style over these years. Plus, the contest is known to be a chance for swiss rock-bands, and to have a chance to get into the next round, we an awesome audience (apart from giving a great performance of course). To know what music you have to expect, here are some old songs of which we play two, and add two new songs:

Please write me a message if you’re interested, also because I’d love to meet some people at the LP concert on the 3rd of november :slight_smile:

Take care!