To all the LPU Soldiers out there


Happy Thanksgiving to all of the soldiers and LP fans out there!


Wait, is it Thanksgiving already?


In the United States, yes it is.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that celebrates it. Whether in the US or abroad. To everyone else, hope u had a great day!


ít´s a total normal Friday here in Europe, thanksgiving is only proceed in the churches here, in USA it´s a big family party/eating with a lot of turkey etc, isn´t it? So to all who party it


Hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving


If I’m honest, that doesn’t look too appetizing.


It’s not. Turkey is disgusting, I always wonder why people eat it.


We don´t have his tradition here, so what means it to me? Nothing, Today my boss [the new one] mobbed me, what a mess, why I am the one, that battle always choose-sick of having what I had before—
ever and ever and ever, but it isn´t that worse this time, cause I´ll decided to distance me and my inner feeling from my sourrounding, I´m so happy bout that, cause I can feel it and I don´t need to suffer-

thaats why LP is so important to me…


I actually don’t celebrate Thanksgiving; that was just for the fun of it (something like a joke)

Yup & it did taste horrible