To Any Independent Creative Artist


I just wanted to put this out there. I’m an Indie Author, so I support the creative arts of all kinds, independent or otherwise. A lot of people don’t know this, but I am also a beta reader, listener, and viewer. Meaning I give reviews, “Like,” Share, Tweet, and what now, as well as several of my author, musician, and artist friends on Facebook. So, if you need someone to read, listen to, view your material post it on this comment. This is a thank you for being so welcoming to me. Oh yeah, I don’t charge anything or want anything in return. This is just something I do to help.




Yes really.


I write. I write a lot. I just don’t trust people. I wanna find someone to edit my work, @jFar920 is paying for my stuff


I know an Independent editor who edits my books, but she charges. I get weary on others reading my unpublished stuff as well. I believe you can get a copy write before publishing it, but don’t quote me on that. @intheend Do you have any published material, a blog, or a page with your writing on it?


No. I use word and google docs and also the note install app on my iPhone.


@intheend Amazon Direct Publishing is who I go through to publish my books. Create space is owned by Amazon and is how I create my paper back books. They also do music and film. For cover photos 123 stock photo support indie photographs. They are not badly priced. I buy the cover from that.


Yeah that’s cool. But how does it work? is that like underground musicians with their underground fan base? How many people actually get noticed on there and actually use it?


It varies. There is a lot of authors and artists that start off that way to start to build a fanbase. I have about 200 readers when the book is free, it’s hard to get anyone to pay for anything. KDP just released a contract type way of publishing. I’ll have to find the link to that again. I don’t know too much about that.


Not sure if I’m up for that. I would have to do a full background check and history on this thing. I have ideas for different stories and how they will be like weekly chapters and whatnot to be updated to read. A lot of different ideas for them.


What kind of stuff do you write? I write horror, fantasy, and dark fantasy, short story, poems, novels, and novellas. Yes blogs too lol


I have a lot of brain storming ideas, like one horror story. I write mostly fictional stuff, people with super abilities, stuff about magic, witches, pirates, vampires, werewolves, nonfictional stuff, and other stuff. I have six different worlds–five in which people I my stories know or heard about. I have a story that is over 15 years old.


Sweet. So, basically the same stuff I do.

For music I write lyrics, but can’t play an instrument worth a damn. I can sing study stuff like Green Day or alternative like. I also dance, but I don’t really care for formal dancing. I prefer free style.


I don’t write music or even try to write poetry. Just writing stories for me…I am even working on a wrestling story…I have a story that was influenced by Linkin Park, the first one is called Meteora. Five stories in total.


If I stop replying then it’s probably because I fell asleep or was attacked by twinkies


Understood. The jerk I’m staying with pissed me off right before bed, so I’m trying my best to calm down by listening to Linkin Park. It’s working, so I’ll be passing out soon too.


@intheend you write gibberish, literally :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve seen your messages to @jFar920 they literally read like this: “wlfsngejrbwa;fjbrg;regejkvn”


(ignores robot) fell asleep, no twinkies tonight. Right before I decided to fall asleep I was looking for notes on a story I’m working on…do you have this problem, I have a lot of stories and I work on all of them. The only time I do not do that is when I have no ideas.

I’m working on a multiple plot story. Different people livin in a forgot area, stuck, forgotten about the world and the government. One of the stories is called Labyrinth.


@the_termin8r my free writing looks like that. It jumps from one subject to the next until I get a good idea of what I’m going to write about.


@intheend Yes, I have that issue. Recently, I had 14 different pieces in my head. What I do is put on the headphones, usually listening to Linkin Park, this helps me to focus. When I am completely focused, about four songs in, and title each idea, this helps to organize your ideas and figure out where they belong. Than writings summaries for each idea. It’s best, to avoid burn out, to work on only two projects at once, but most of us don’t follow that rule, lol.
Your story sounds good.